Cell Phone Providers

Review Of The Top Two Cell Phone Providers

Cell phones are a way of life worldwide today and everybody from senior citizens and students to housewives and small business owners need it for everyday life. Cell phone providers and their varied services can be quite numerous when choosing the right cell phone providers for your personal and professional needs. Choosing the best cell phone providers can seem like a daunting task.

Though a daunting task when choosing from the various cell phone providers and the variants of similar options, plans and features, a comprehensive list of features or reviews can help you reach that decision easily. Features of cell phone providers' plans, on-network area, minutes rating and the free minutes on offer are among the many things that add to cell phone providers' ratings and reviews. Below are the Top two cell phone providers from the top ten reviews according to their features, plans, help and support features and other beneficial customer assistance. Verizon won the gold award with being the best choice with AT&T following with silver:

Verizon wireless tops the 'Top Ten Reviews Gold award' for cell phone providers as it boasts of extensive options on plans and features. One of the country's largest cell phone providers, Verizon serves more than 45.5 million voice and data customers. Though it specializes in personal cell phone services for individuals and families, Verizon also offers plans for businesses and international plans.

  • Plans - they perhaps offer the most varied plans of all the cell phone providers. Verizon features prepaid, family, individual, mobile-to-mobile, business, data and international plans.

  • Features/ minutes - unlimited weekends and nights beginning at 9 pm, free domestic long distance, free mobile-to-mobile and you can add unlimited minutes and texting to your plan as an added option. The features setting it apart from other cell phone providers is where your calls are not clocked to the nearest minute, so if your call lasted for 2:36 then you are charged for just two minutes and thirty six seconds instead of being rounded off at 3 minutes. Another feature unlike other cell phone providers is the wide selection of handsets available and the facility of roadside assistance for its customers. This helps make it one of the best cell phone providers.

  • Help and support - with a 10 of 10 by customer satisfaction viewpoint, Verizon has an extensive support system for their users, from phone assistance to live chat, post a forum and email questions to the website to the very extensive FAQ covering all possible queries! Verizon has extensive network coverage as well.

AT&T is the largest of the wireless cell phone providers in the country and with its largest mobile-to-mobile community and free mobile-to-mobile minutes bags the 'Top Ten Reviews silver award' only slightly behind Verizon.

  • Plans - all plans are similar like the family, individual, business and prepaid plans. In addition, AT&T also offers limited free phones upon signing a contract.

  • Features/ minutes - where AT&T differs largely from other cell phone providers are the latest phones on offer. All kinds from the basic budget phones to the recent iPhone from Apple are available for customers. Apart from free weekends and nights, AT&T also provides roadside assistance to its customers and perhaps the best feature is the one where your minutes get rolled over to the next month. So, it allows one to signup for a more economical plan and roll over minutes each month for the busier months.

  • Help and support - like other cell phone providers, AT&T provides you with a phone customer service, an email address, online forum and live chat for help. Added to these support is also available via calling *611 from your cell phone. AT&T has extensive network coverage in the East and Midwest but is least extensive in the mountain regions of the west.